Wednesday, January 12, 2011


A year ago a friend told me about an annual tradition that goes on in England. It's called cheese rolling. Hundreds of people gather along a very steep hill, some participate and some watch/cheer on the cheese rollers. The participators line up at the top and then a wheel of cheese is rolled down the hill. The people then run to chase after the cheese. There is EMS and what looks like a rugby team at the bottom of the hill. The first person down the hill to get the cheese wins. The EMS and rugby players help stop the people has they reach the bottom of the hill. It reminds me of swarms because there are so many people that participate and watch. The movement of the people as they are running/bouncing/rolling down the hill is something that is unique and hard to find anywhere else that I know of. I wonder why so many people gather for this event just to watch or chase after a wheel of cheese, especially since a lot of people get hurt trying to get down the hill. But at the same time I can the see the thrill and the excitement that people get out of this sport, some people even dress up. sit back and enjoy and most importantly, GET THE CHEESE!

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